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Amazon’s Global HR Content team is seeking a Technical Writer to author and edit self-service content that can be surfaced across multiple channels. This role will be responsible for helping us to revolutionize content that exists today to improve the employee experience and make content easy to find and understand. HR Content Editors and Writers are the ‘voice of Amazon’ for our customers through the writing, publishing and maintaining of customer-facing and internal documentation.

We are a dynamic and diverse team with members in several different countries. We help to enable employee self-sufficiency by providing simple, intuitive tools with personalized content that can be accessed anywhere, by any device. We use a variety of data sources to better understand customer needs and partner with global shared service teams to develop self-service solutions to help HR create a world-class experience for employees. Our goal is to empower employees to find answers to their questions, with additional support from Amazon’s Employee Resource Center (ERC) to answer specialized questions through a variety of contact channels designed to meet the preferences of our employees.

The Role
You will be responsible for authoring content specific to HR and work with local subject matter experts (SMEs) as needed. You will use our team style guide to create unparalleled global English content that is ready for localization to an international audience. Your responsibilities as a technical writer include creating conceptual information, step-by-step procedures, and FAQs. You’ll interact directly with customers and use their feedback to improve the documentation dynamically, then update and publish your documentation on demand.

You’ll be responsible for:
· Authoring personalized/relevant net new content in multiple CMS platforms
· Evolving content by eliminating anything outdated, ensuring that content on all platforms is consistent, adds value to employees, answers their questions, and either provides a true self-service path or an escalation path that’s current if no self-service is possible.
· Ensuring that all content created maps to the tenets of the content team.
· Navigating ambiguity with ease, and creatively overcome obstacles and turn challenges into opportunities.
· Actively seeking feedback from all levels and work with other writers to raise the bar.
A successful candidate will be resourceful, customer-focused, and team-oriented; will have an ability to work independently under time constraints to meet deadlines; and will have a proven track record in writing high-quality content.

· 3 years of professional technical writing experience
· Familiarity with Chicago Manual of Style and/or other style guides
· Experience working multi-site, multi-language content management system like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Sitecore, Drupal, Alfresco, OpenText, etc.
· Fluent in English writing with excellent reading/comprehension skills ·
· Experience working in a cross-functional team

· Strong editorial background and exceptional skill in proofreading and creating, implementing, and ensuring adherence to technical style guides
· Agile methodology, including scrum and kanban methods
· Demonstrated project management experience
· Work experience in a global team environment
· Experience in a multi-language publishing environment, including globalization for translation, terminology databases and management, and other world-ready approaches
· Proven ability to work independently or in ambiguous circumstances
· Experience communicating HR topics
· Ability to prioritize and manage multiple stakeholder needs in a fast-paced environment
· Clear, concise documentation writing style with attention to detail
· Experience with SEO
· Experience Testing user-focused solutions for mobile, desktop, online

Job posted 2020-11-20